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When your new baby comes, changes you must make inside the home

With the birth of your new baby, many changes will take place in your life and the life of your family, and a series of arrangements must be made at home a few months before his birth, all aimed at ensuring the comfort of both the child and the mother.
When your new baby comes, changes you must make inside the home

In a report published by the Spanish newspaper "Eli M undo", the writer Diana Artist said that the birth of the first child would revolutionize the lives of parents at all levels, as it would facilitate the future coexistence of the new family, and provide the new family member the space and comfort he needed.

For her part, home affairs expert Rita Fuentes confirmed that the house will undoubtedly witness many changes, but the most important thing is to be clear about the nature of this change or this new amendment, and preparing the house for this special guest is very important.
New space
To start with you have to plan the space in which to put your baby's bed, changing table, clothes and all of his new fixtures.

It is necessary to provide natural lighting for the room, and if possible, put curtains in order for the room to be quiet and free from noise.

According to the expert, the walls should be painted or coated with soft-colored wallpaper, along with warm-colored carpets.

It is also advisable to think about the space that will represent the child's room during the early years, because it makes sense that the decor and furniture will change over time, to respond to the new needs of the child that changes with his age.

Besides preparing the space and providing the furniture, the rest of the house should undergo a major review that includes all the rooms in it.

The arrival of a new child is a good time to dispose of utensils and items that are not useful or lack an aesthetic dimension at home.

The fewer things that occupy an area of ​​the house, the better we can control the space, and the first step is to remove the furniture that we do not need, such as it makes moving the child's chair and cart difficult.

Suitable space must be allocated for placing child's furniture in the home (Al-Jacuzzi)
Baby basics
Before purchasing the things your child needs, it is best to write a list of the things that are necessary during the first months of the baby’s birth, that way you will avoid unnecessary purchases.

You have to think about the care a child will need at any time of the year, and this will help determine the needs through which a reasonable list and budget can be prepared.
During the first period of his birth, the child needs regular clothes, pajamas, bath towels, and hygiene items including a special soap for washing clothes, feeding utensils, a bed, a car and a car seat.

As for the infant's clothes, it is recommended to bet on natural and good-quality fabrics, preferably from cotton, given that the skin of infants is sensitive during the first period of birth.

It is also desirable that the clothes be of a larger size, because the children grow faster than we imagine, and if the child is expected to be born in the winter, buying solid clothes will be the best investment for getting warm every time you leave the house.

Expert Rita stressed the need to wash all clothes before the child wears them, as well as bed linen with soap with a neutral pH of sensitive elements.

It is preferable to avoid using a fabric moisturizer until the baby's skin is protected, and we must not forget that the baby's skin should not be in contact with any type of tissue or other product.

The author also talked about the essential items for a baby's bath that include diapers, wet wipes, natural sponges, a hair comb, a rounded nail trimmer, and a neutral pH soap, moisturizer, and bathtub.

With regard to nutrition, many comfortable milk bottles with appropriate nipples should be provided.
According to Rita, it is best to have a high seat for your child to have meals on the table with the rest of the family.

A budget should be set for the expenses for the new child and determine the real needs based on them (Getty Images)
Determine the budget
The arrival of a new child to the family involves providing a certain budget, so it must be assessed whether it is worth buying some used tools or asking the family and friends to provide the things that you will need.

From the start, it is advised to set a budget for expenditures, and to determine the real needs based on the quality and brand of items and clothes that you will buy.

If you exceed the expected budget, Rita recommends determining whether there are items in good condition that can be used by family or friends, such as a bed or a carriage, and others.


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