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What is the secret of its fragrant smell? .. 5 benefits of walking in the rain

A person needs to pay attention to the nature surrounding him and appreciate its value, and to do this he needs all his organs and senses, as he needs eyesight in order to enjoy the beauty of nature and colors, smell in order to inhale the fragrance of trees and plants, hearing in order to listen to singing birds, and the sense of touch in order to feel the air breeze The sick man who flirts with the skin.
What is the secret of its fragrant smell? .. 5 benefits of walking in the rain

Often we focus on the sense of sight in our daily life, and we forget to communicate with the rest of our senses, especially smell, especially as it particularly awakens very distinctive feelings in humans, as the smell and sound of rain are things that are believed to reduce nervous tension. What is the scientific explanation for this phenomenon?

When we communicate with nature, we feel the heat of the sun, the smells of herbs and the humidity of the air, and when the rain showers we often smell a beautiful and distinctive smell.
But what we should know is that this smell that we really enjoy is not the smell of rain but rather a mixture of chemical ingredients that the earth releases when water drops hit them, and it is called the scent of the earth or the petrifaction, as stated in a report published in the French magazine "Santa Plus".

Some companies have produced a fragrance that carries the scent of rain (Getty Images) the interest of scientists
The scent of the earth’s scent we all enjoy after a slight rain falls is actually due to the presence of molecules called Gemini, made up of a type of bacteria found abundantly in the soil.
Professor Mark Partner says, "The material that is released in the air raises the sense of smell in humans, and it is admired by everyone who has experienced this experience. Even some companies produced a fragrance that carries this smell and was marketed in India."

Why does stress decrease?
Some scents can bring back strong memories and feelings. This explains how the brain works, as the smells we breathe are analyzed in two areas of the brain responsible for feelings and memories. That is why this smell makes us remember childhood days and play in the rain, which makes us feel happy and thus get rid of feelings of tension.

Helps to relax
Besides its scent, the sound of rain also has calming benefits and helps to sleep. The reason for this is that this sound sends a message to the brain saying that everything is fine, and thus sleeps faster.
It cleans the air
Rainfall reduces pollution in the air, as these drops absorb contaminated particles and wash the earth. It also helps to purify the air, which is very beneficial to the health of allergy sufferers, such as the elderly and those with asthma.

Take a moment of solitude
When the humidity is high, it is rare for people to think about going out for walks or exercising. A study conducted by the French International Journal of Public Health and Environment Research confirmed that rain is an obstacle to outdoor activities.

Hence, it can be considered that these times are an opportunity to evacuate yourself outside the house, and to walk or run on your own without any inconvenience or crowding.

It activates the human senses, which makes it focus on the scenic landscape (Getty Images)
People with PTSD
For people with PTSD, walking in the rain may be beneficial for them. Being immersed in observing the sounds and smells of raindrops hitting the ground stimulates their senses and makes them focus on this breathtaking landscape.

Thus their thinking in the past and the causes of stress decreases, their mental presence is enhanced, and they are able to establish a strong bond with the earth, air and things surrounding them, which relieves them of negative feelings.

Rain affects metabolism
Doing aerobic exercise in the rain has stimulating effects on the body's metabolism. And tests have been done on people running 30 minutes inside the gym, simulating the rainy weather. It turns out that these climatic conditions require the body to exert more effort which leads to boosting the metabolism process.


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