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Pain reliever, stress-enhancing, and mood-enhancing ... good laughter

Serious studies examine the benefits of laughter and its effect on metabolism, lungs, and heart, as well as resistance to feelings of stress. Scientists and doctors hail the benefits of laughter, stressing that it does not cure or prevent any disease, but it accompanies the recovery process and helps maintain good health.
Pain reliever, stress-enhancing, and mood-enhancing ... good laughter

Laughter rid the body of toxins
French magazine Fm Actual showed in its report, that laughter stimulates gas-lung gas exchanges that have a three-fold intensity and depth during laughter thanks to the accelerating pace of diaphragm contractions.

In addition, during inhalation and exhalation, the air volume reaches two liters instead of half a liter during rest. Toxins are better eliminated, noting that at the same time the number of antibodies in the nasal and throat cells increases. This would strengthen immune defenses against bacterial, viral and respiratory diseases, according to Dr. Paul Nathan, endocrinologist and author of the Guide to Dietary Wisdom.
However, what about the benefits of laughter related to asthma? In fact, if this disease is not adequately controlled by a treatment, laughter can make it worse, in contrast, a Japanese study of 2018 shows that laughter can calm an asthma attack by making the smooth muscular system of the bronchial state relaxed thanks to parasympathetic nervous system activity. , According to the specialist.

Laughter promotes excretion of the neurotransmitter, which is essential for arousing feelings of happiness and pleasure (Getty Images)
The effect of laughter on fertilization
The more we laugh, the lower the blood cortisol level - which is the stress hormone - and the level of anxiety and stress. A 2011 study published in Fertility & Sterility measured the effect of laughter on 219 women who underwent in vitriol fertilization.

He was suspected of negatively affecting stress and the medical success of the embryo transfer. So, once this transfer is complete, half of the women in this group are accompanied by clowns, who perform magic tricks and tell jokes. As a result, the rate of successful pregnancies was 36.4% in this group versus 20.2% in the group of women who remained alone.

Feeling comfortable
Laughter affects pain, just like exercise. It increases the brain's production of endorphins and morphine-like, morphine-like molecules that give a double effect, that is, pain reliever and an antidepressant. It also enhances the feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Moreover, laughter also enhances the secretion of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is essential for arousing feelings of happiness and pleasure, especially during a marital relationship, according to Dr. Nathan. Laughter affects the brain region itself, and thus produces the effects of feeling happy.
In addition, the activity of the neurotransmitter in the thermal regulation centers contributes to feeling warm, and this leads to a greater ability to withstand pain for 30 minutes after watching a comedy or comic scene. In some cases, laughter reduces the dose of pain relievers.

Laughter relieves tension and positively affects the cardiovascular system (Pixels)
Laughter has a beneficial effect on the heart
Laughter relieves stress and positively affects the cardiovascular system in two stages. In both of them, the heart rate increases and the blood pressure rises. However, if the blood circulates faster and more intensively on the walls of the blood vessels, this leads to the expansion of the blood vessels, increases the delivery of oxygen to the heart and promotes parasympathetic heart tension.

And in the second stage it will allow to permanently slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure, said Professor Michael Miller, a cardiologist.

In addition, another study conducted by Dr. Lee Burke, a public health doctor, showed that laughing for at least 30 minutes a day for three months reduces the incidence of a second heart attack.
Aids digestion
Laughter accompanies the digestion. According to specialist Paul Nathan, the vibrations of the abdominal muscles caused by laughter "stimulate total intestinal activity and strengthen transit processes, as well as beneficial digestive secretions."

Some hospitals in the West employ a hospital clown comedy for the sick children's departments (communication sites)
Hospital laughter is a vital issue
Professor Philip Hubert, pediatrician and president of the Refer Medici's Association, argues that “one of two children is hospitalized before the age of 15, and even if this is not scientifically proven, we recognize that entertainment has an analgesic effect, as it reduces anxiety. We have a hundred hospital comedian clown comics (an independent profession since the 2015 decree) caring for sick children through hymns, mime and magic tricks. ”

In fact, this delusive and delusive world reassures children and parents. Sometimes the child laughs, smiles, or becomes homeless as soon, which gives him the right to be a child before he is ill, Hubert says.

How long should you laugh?
You may breathe a minute of laughter about you and replenish yourself just like practicing 15-minute rowing or any other sport carrying. This conclusion reached by the famous psychiatrist William Fry, a pioneer in the treatment of humor at the prestigious Halo Alto School.


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