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Including hairdresser and dye ... products for women invented by men

Dry shampoo, hair conditioner, mascara and many other products that are irreplaceable, can only be made by a woman, this is what some believe at first sight. But in reality, most of these things were invented by men, and not all of them were intended for women, some of them were intended for men, and then it was developed for the use of both sexes, such as hair conditioner, as Olga Ovsianukeva stresses, in a report published by the site "FB. Irrigation ”Russian.
Including hairdresser and dye ... products for women invented by men

hair conditioner
Modern hair conditioner was invented by Edward Vino. Initially, it was intended for men to moisturize the beard and mustache. Currently, it has been developed to contain hair softeners while at the same time not making hair oily.

Modern hair conditioner was invented by Vino and was intended for men to moisturize the beard and mustaches (Exabyte)
Foundation cream
The foundation appeared during the Elizabethan era, and in that period its formula was harmful. The first time, German actor Karl Baden started applying a foundation on his face. Currently it is a product that women cannot imagine without their lives. Cosmetics companies also manufacture foundation creams of different shades that suit different skin tones for women.
Currently the foundation has become a product that women cannot imagine without their life (Bixaby)
Previously, women tried to combat the sheen of the skin with powder. It seemed very unnatural, but there was simply no alternative. The cosmetic expert Max Factor was the first to manufacture powder of different shades that suit different skin tones. His invention was salvation for those with oily skin.

Hair dye
People have been dyeing their hair for a long time. Later, new types of hair dyes appeared thanks to the French chemist Eugene Schuyler, founder of L'Oreal, which started producing hair dyes years ago, and still occupies a leading position in this field.

Modern hair dyes have emerged thanks to the French chemist Schuyler (Bilabial)
Until the end of the 19th century, women often made their own lipstick at home. The cosmetic company Underlain began producing lipstick in the late 19th century. It was first sold in 1884.
High heels
In different historical periods, wearing high-heeled shoes was the preserve of the noble representatives. Also, the ancient Egyptians wore it. During the Renaissance, men and women wore high heels. In fact, the inventor of high heels is not exactly known, but high heels were not a female matter at first.

High heels were not initially female, and his inventor is unknown (Pixie).
People have been using darkening eyelashes, eyes and brows to paint thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt, men and women used various materials because they believed this protected the soul and frightened evil spirits.

In the Victorian era, women created a kind of mascara consisting of ash or soot. Later mascara was invented concurrently with perfume by Frenchman Eugene Rommel and American T. Williams, who founded Ghibelline with his sister.

Sanitary pads
The inventor of the sanitary pads is US President Benjamin Franklin. He concluded using multi-layer pads that were able to absorb blood for use during military operations to treat wounds. A few decades later, Franklin's modern invention turned into a product that women cannot do without.

Parkinson, the inventor of the women's bag, initially requested products from his wife's products to put her personal belongings on (communication sites)
Women's handbag
Samuel Parkinson is considered the inventor of the women's bag. He asked the product company to sew a medium-sized bag for his wife to put her personal belongings on. This bag is the first model of modern women's bags that are now very necessary.

The contraceptive pill is believed to have been invented by doctors Gregory Pincus and John Rock. However, the pills used by contemporary women were also made by Karl Sierras, Dr. George Rosecrans and their two students, Louis E. Admiration, according to the author.


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