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Eye aging is responsible for a host of health problems

Yellowing of the lenses and narrowing of the pupil lead to disruption of the biological clock
New York: Lori Tanbark * For decades, scientists have been searching for explanations for symptoms that accompany aging, such as memory loss, slow reactions, insomnia and depression, and have studied a number of reasons they suspect such as high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and an inactive lifestyle. However, a large number of remarkable research has now found a cause for an unknown period for a long time: the aging of the eye, where the gradual yellowing of the lenses and the narrowing of the pupil, which accompanies age, causes a disorder in the circadian rhythm of the body, which It contributes to a number of health problems, according to these studies. Eye aging * The older the eye, the less sunlight will enter through the lenses into the main cells of the retina, which regulate the circadian rhythm of the body. "We believe the effect is significant, and it is the beginning o…