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Network separation

Network separation

Written by Dr. Tarim Amount
Professor of ophthalmology and laser surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University - Egypt
What is network separation?
Retinal separation means that the retina moves away from the posterior wall of the eye, and thus away from the source of the food needed for it, which leads to vision loss until the disease is surgically treated.
How does network separation occur?
The vitreous fills the large space between the posterior surface of the crystalline lens and the front surface of the retina, where it adheres slightly. In most people a natural contraction of the vitreous occurs as it moves away from the front surface of the retina without any complications.
Vitreous shrinkage occurs without complications in 98% of cases
In a small percentage of people, the vitreous is strongly attached to the retina at one point, attracting it with it during its rapid contraction, and a cut in the retina occurs as a result.
Shrinkage of the vitreous may cause the retina to be cut
How does network separation occur?
This rupture or small cutting with the edges of the retina allows some eye fluids to leak through this segment from the front of the retina to the back and thus the retina is separated from the posterior wall of the eye.
Can these retinal lesions be treated before retinal detachment occurs?
These ruptures must be treated with laser (without surgery) to avoid retinal detachment. The laser creates a barrier that prevents fluid from leaking behind the retina.
What are the factors that increase the possibility of rupture (cuts) of the retina and retinal detachment?
The most important reasons are:
Severe myopia.
Eye injuries.
Retinal detachment in the other eye.
• A family history of this disease.
• Perform eye operations such as the cataract process.
What are the symptoms of network separation?
1. As a result of the shrinking of the vitreous, the patient feels seeing small flying bodies in front of the eye called the flying fly, and also bright flashes that appear with eye movement, especially in the dark. These are symptoms of vitreous retraction, whether or not it is accompanied by a retinal fracture. These symptoms are felt by most patients prior to retinal detachment, not all of them.
2. Retinal detachment begins in a part of the retina, so the patient feels the presence of a dark part in the field of vision.
3. When the center of the retina is affected by detachment, the patient feels a sharp and sharp reduction in vision.
If network separation occurs, how can it be treated?
Retinal separation can be treated with precision surgeries that require a high degree of surgical skills and high-tech devices, since network separation is not self-healing. And surgical intervention must be done within a few days in order not to grow fibrous tissue on the surface of the retina, which leads to the difficulty of surgery.
What are network separations?
There are two types of surgeries for retinal detachment. In the first process, the ironing parts are cooled to 50 degrees below zero by a special device based on liquid nitrogen, and then a support is installed on the outer wall of the eye (solid eye) in order to offset the tension resulting from the contraction of the vitreous.
The support belt is fixed to the opposite area of ​​the mesh piece completely
The support belt is fixed to the outer surface of the eye
In the other type of operation, the vitreous is removed from the eye by devices that are extremely accurate and technologically advanced, and a special liquid of silicone derivatives (called silicone oil) may be used to fill the eye instead of the removed vitreous.


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