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Network separation

Written by Dr. Tarim Amount Professor of ophthalmology and laser surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University - Egypt What is network separation? Retinal separation means that the retina moves away from the posterior wall of the eye, and thus away from the source of the food needed for it, which leads to vision loss until the disease is surgically treated. How does network separation occur? The vitreous fills the large space between the posterior surface of the crystalline lens and the front surface of the retina, where it adheres slightly. In most people a natural contraction of the vitreous occurs as it moves away from the front surface of the retina without any complications. Vitreous shrinkage occurs without complications in 98% of cases In a small percentage of people, the vitreous is strongly attached to the retina at one point, attracting it with it during its rapid contraction, and a cut in the retina occurs as a result. Shrinkage of the vitreous may cause the retina to…

The success of an electronic retinal implant experiment for the blind

The first British clinical trial to implant an electronic eye succeeded with the goal of restoring vision to people who were blinded by pigment retinas. Eye experts who developed this pioneering technique stated that the first group of British patients whose electronic implants were implanted with their eyes had regained vision after weeks of undergoing surgery. This experiment gives new hope to patients who have lost their eyesight as a result of retinas pigmentation (RP), a genetic disease that leads to a case of blindness without treatment. The medical group that developed this modern technique prepared two patients with retinas chromosome to grow microscopic thin slices in mid-April as part of the British experiment. Patients were able to see the light as soon as the slides were activated, while additional tests revealed that they were able to identify white shapes against a black background. The experiment will be replicated to ten other patients in Britain as part of the Britis…

Corneal conical ... promising solutions

Cultivation of the lens ((You suffer from increased convexity of the cornea, which is called conical cornea, and this means that you cannot perform a vision correction process for you with Lasik, and the ideal treatment for this case is to use hard lenses, and in case it does not fit into the eye, we will be forced to perform the corneal transplant process)). This is a phrase that is frequently heard by the treating physician when he is facing the condition of the keratoconus. Often, the doctor hopes that he will not say this disturbing speech to the patient, but as the poet said: If only the teeth are installed ........ then what trick does he have to ride But God’s year has passed in the universe that the distress does not come, except that it comes from God’s vulva. May God grant him relief to those who had a conical cornea with a new treatment that opens new horizons and corrects the view at a high rate and does not carry with it the risks associated with the cultivation of the c…

Eye redness treatment

When the eye develops redness, the cause of that is either dust, sunlight, psychological trauma or something entering it, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which causes that known form of redness of the eye, and if you did not use a prescription to reduce redness it could harm your eyes. However, natural medications can soothe your red eyes without any unwanted side effects. Read on to find out how to treat red eye with alternative medicine. instructions 1 Use of eye drops. Because most eye drops reduce blood vessels in the eye, which leads to less redness, but it can cause actual damage to your eyes over time. 2 Put a cold wet cloth on your eyes closed and leave it for a few minutes. Cold fabric helps to constrict blood vessels, and helps restore moisture in your eyes, causing redness to subside. 3 Place 1/2 spoon. Of fennel seeds in a cup of water for 20 minutes over a fire, and allow it to cool. Then we purify the seeds and use it as an eye wash. This treatment is eff…

Eight tips to take care of the eyes

Undergo regular visual examination. Treat chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Learn the symptoms: see a doctor if you suffer from: A- Sudden loss of sight in one of the eyes. B - darkening. T - sudden blurring of vision. W- Vision and shocks of light. C - See rainbows around the lights. These cases indicate serious problems such as acute black water or a stroke. Protect your eyes from sun damage, and buy sunglasses that protect UV rays. Eat foods that contain vitamin A and beta-carotene, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and melons. Improve your eyesight with the right glasses. Use good lighting. - If you suffer from poor eyesight, use the means to improve eyesight, such as magnifiers and large letters books.

Detection of the molecular causes of blindness

Demylinating Disease, as in multiple sclerosis, is associated with progressive blindness and is believed to be affected by the optic nerve through inflammation mediated by immune factors. Given that other demyelinating diseases are not associated with any immunological factors, this assumes that there are other causes of optic nerve damage. Experts at the University of Miami, through their research on the effect of removing the myelin sheath on the damage to the retina nerve, emphasized a laboratory mouse model with demyelinating disease. And it was found that the process of removing the amine group from the amino acids (Deimination) changed in people with multiple sclerosis and it was proven through their research that the process of removing the amine group (Deimination) decreased in mice with demyelinating sheathing diseases that lost their eyesight as a result, and the researchers pointed out that improving visual functions Affected mice are associated with restoring the efficacy…

Eye exercises after surfing the net

Peace, mercy and blessings of God ~ Eye exercises after surfing the net ~> Many of us feel pain in the eye after long use of a computer and neglect to take care of it.! These are very simple exercises that will take only a little of your time and will benefit your eyes, God willing.! [Firstly] Sit on a chair with your backs right, and in a right way. Then look on the right side, prepare for ten, and then look at the left. They promised to ten, of course, without moving the head only the eye.! [Second] In the same way, the previous move your eyes up and count to ten and then two to count to ten [Third] Focus on looking at the nose as if you were local, and counting to ten, then move your eyes with a circular movement from right to left, left to right and counterclockwise.! [Fourth / A] Cover your eyes with the palm of your palm, after rubbing your palms to warm them, and count to twenty.! God sustains you health and wellness