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What is the secret of its fragrant smell? .. 5 benefits of walking in the rain

A person needs to pay attention to the nature surrounding him and appreciate its value, and to do this he needs all his organs and senses, as he needs eyesight in order to enjoy the beauty of nature and colors, smell in order to inhale the fragrance of trees and plants, hearing in order to listen to singing birds, and the sense of touch in order to feel the air breeze The sick man who flirts with the skin.
Often we focus on the sense of sight in our daily life, and we forget to communicate with the rest of our senses, especially smell, especially as it particularly awakens very distinctive feelings in humans, as the smell and sound of rain are things that are believed to reduce nervous tension. What is the scientific explanation for this phenomenon?
When we communicate with nature, we feel the heat of the sun, the smells of herbs and the humidity of the air, and when the rain showers we often smell a beautiful and distinctive smell. But what we should know is that this smell that we …
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When your new baby comes, changes you must make inside the home

With the birth of your new baby, many changes will take place in your life and the life of your family, and a series of arrangements must be made at home a few months before his birth, all aimed at ensuring the comfort of both the child and the mother.
In a report published by the Spanish newspaper "Eli M undo", the writer Diana Artist said that the birth of the first child would revolutionize the lives of parents at all levels, as it would facilitate the future coexistence of the new family, and provide the new family member the space and comfort he needed.
For her part, home affairs expert Rita Fuentes confirmed that the house will undoubtedly witness many changes, but the most important thing is to be clear about the nature of this change or this new amendment, and preparing the house for this special guest is very important. New space To start with you have to plan the space in which to put your baby's bed, changing table, clothes and all of his new fixtures.
It is …

Pain reliever, stress-enhancing, and mood-enhancing ... good laughter

Serious studies examine the benefits of laughter and its effect on metabolism, lungs, and heart, as well as resistance to feelings of stress. Scientists and doctors hail the benefits of laughter, stressing that it does not cure or prevent any disease, but it accompanies the recovery process and helps maintain good health.
Laughter rid the body of toxins French magazine Fm Actual showed in its report, that laughter stimulates gas-lung gas exchanges that have a three-fold intensity and depth during laughter thanks to the accelerating pace of diaphragm contractions.
In addition, during inhalation and exhalation, the air volume reaches two liters instead of half a liter during rest. Toxins are better eliminated, noting that at the same time the number of antibodies in the nasal and throat cells increases. This would strengthen immune defenses against bacterial, viral and respiratory diseases, according to Dr. Paul Nathan, endocrinologist and author of the Guide to Dietary Wisdom. However…

Including hairdresser and dye ... products for women invented by men

Dry shampoo, hair conditioner, mascara and many other products that are irreplaceable, can only be made by a woman, this is what some believe at first sight. But in reality, most of these things were invented by men, and not all of them were intended for women, some of them were intended for men, and then it was developed for the use of both sexes, such as hair conditioner, as Olga Ovsianukeva stresses, in a report published by the site "FB. Irrigation ”Russian.
hair conditioner Modern hair conditioner was invented by Edward Vino. Initially, it was intended for men to moisturize the beard and mustache. Currently, it has been developed to contain hair softeners while at the same time not making hair oily.
Modern hair conditioner was invented by Vino and was intended for men to moisturize the beard and mustaches (Exabyte) Foundation cream The foundation appeared during the Elizabethan era, and in that period its formula was harmful. The first time, German actor Karl Baden started …

5 diseases protect you from coffee

A South Korean study found new benefits for a favorite morning drink, coffee. In addition to using a stimulant and a stimulant to the brain, it may also be useful in fighting diseases, including Alzheimer's and other problems.
Researchers from the University of Seoul and the Dong tan Sacred Heart Hospital at Halim University conducted a study on the effect of coffee on the human body. The study included a group of adults aged 55 to 90 years.
The results of this study indicated the emergence of the beta-alkaloid protein in 17.6% of people who drink at least two cups of coffee per day, while the presence of this protein increased to 27% in people who drink less than two cups of coffee per day. The presence of this protein is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, which affects people over the age of 50.
In addition to resisting coffee, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, it has many benefits, according to the Science Daily website, as it help…

Eye aging is responsible for a host of health problems

Yellowing of the lenses and narrowing of the pupil lead to disruption of the biological clock
New York: Lori Tanbark * For decades, scientists have been searching for explanations for symptoms that accompany aging, such as memory loss, slow reactions, insomnia and depression, and have studied a number of reasons they suspect such as high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and an inactive lifestyle. However, a large number of remarkable research has now found a cause for an unknown period for a long time: the aging of the eye, where the gradual yellowing of the lenses and the narrowing of the pupil, which accompanies age, causes a disorder in the circadian rhythm of the body, which It contributes to a number of health problems, according to these studies. Eye aging * The older the eye, the less sunlight will enter through the lenses into the main cells of the retina, which regulate the circadian rhythm of the body. "We believe the effect is significant, and it is the beginning o…

Network separation

Written by Dr. Tarim Amount Professor of ophthalmology and laser surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University - Egypt What is network separation? Retinal separation means that the retina moves away from the posterior wall of the eye, and thus away from the source of the food needed for it, which leads to vision loss until the disease is surgically treated. How does network separation occur? The vitreous fills the large space between the posterior surface of the crystalline lens and the front surface of the retina, where it adheres slightly. In most people a natural contraction of the vitreous occurs as it moves away from the front surface of the retina without any complications. Vitreous shrinkage occurs without complications in 98% of cases In a small percentage of people, the vitreous is strongly attached to the retina at one point, attracting it with it during its rapid contraction, and a cut in the retina occurs as a result. Shrinkage of the vitreous may cause the retina to…